Sabtu, 01 Maret 2008


Sasha spent her New Year holiday in America. She went to Disneyland. She wants to share her story about Disneyland here.

When I was in LA-Aneheim, I, my Mom, and my brother went to Disneyland. There are many interesting places there, such as Tomorrow Land, Mickey's Toon Town, The Pirate Island, California Adventures, Classic Land, and many more.

1. In Tomorrow Land, there is a ride called 'Learning to Fly a Starwars Jet'. My brother's favorite here is 'Starwars Jedi Academy'.
2. The Pirate Island. Have you watch 'The Pirate of Caribean'? and Captain Jack Sparrow? Yup, Jhonny Deep act as the Captain. I met Jack Sparro in Disneyland and took photo with him. Wow...he's so cool!
3. In California Adventures there's a ride called 'Soarin Around California'. Another interesting ride that makes us pretty wet is 'Grizlly Wet Stream'.
4. There is a video that called 'A Bugs Life'. It's hard to be a bug...:) At the end of the show the audience was feeling very strange because it is said 'Please do not stand up so the coacroaches can escape safely. And you know what!? the coacroaches then escape under the audiece position!!!

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